Learning for a Healthy Life

As you know, dear reader, I am passionate about learning; not just formal settings like public and higher education — although I  am an ardent advocate of these learning opportunities but also those moments everyday that call us to improve individually and collectively.  To maximize our life journeys, learning must be an integral part.

One of my current favorite sources of learning about life is a magazine in both paper and electronic forms.  It is Experience L!fe. This magazine speaks to physical, mental and emotional health in reasonable, practical ways.

The current issue (see cover pic at left) includes an inspiring story about the founder of Life is good;  three fairly simple changes in eating habits that can improve your health;  strategies for accomplishing your dreams — big and small; and much more.  Since the magazine is published by the Life Time Fitness company, you might think it would constantly push memberships.  Not so.  This publication constantly pushes healthy life.  The editor-in-chief recently launched a campaign, which is the magazine’s new tag line, “being healthy is a revolutionary act.”

My world and work are devoted to lifelong learning.  I am actively involved with non-profit organizations also devoted to professional and personal development.   For me, learning is part and parcel of being healthy.

I hope you are part of the the healthy revolution.  If not, join to day.  Just like learning is for everyone — so is a healthy life.