Leverage Limited Resources to Create Quality eLearning

In an association seeking future-forward, sustainable professional development, quality eLearning definitely is the delivery mode of choice.  Limited resources focus the eLearning plans.   Such plans are non-negotiables in our digital world.   Three factors set priorities for wise resource use.

System Selection.  In an environment with limited resources, the most effective, efficient system is . . . Read More: Leverage Limited Resources to Create Quality eLearning

eLearning: Next Generation Ready?


In preparing for a webinar hosted by iCohere: Next Generation eLearning, one concept by Bernard Luskin really caught my attention:

To many, the “e” means electronic, but I assert that the “e” means more than electronic when applied to e-learning. It actually means “exciting, empirical, empathetic, extra, emerging, energetic, exceptional, early, eloquent, everywhere, . . . Read More: eLearning: Next Generation Ready?

Services Trump Membership

Whether games, apps, or memberships, current culture values the experience more than the delivery system.    Paid membership in an association is no longer required to experience interactions with like minds or explore common interests.  Think of the variety of LinkedIn groups or Twitter hashtags.    Several in the association community have been ringing the . . . Read More: Services Trump Membership

Digital = Education Design Fundamental or Afterthought?

digital-centric world*

Companies that are growing their futures know and function with digital as the core operational structure.  In an extremely insightful post, Jez Frampton highlights five ways to build brands in the post-digital world.   As Global CEO of Interbrand, Frampton and his team recognize that digital drives everything as expressed by  . . . Read More: Digital = Education Design Fundamental or Afterthought?