Add Learning Value via Smartphones

Digitization by geralt

In our digital world, there is one device at virtually everyone’s finger tips:  the smartphone.  In June 2017, the Pew Research Center reported that more than 70 percent of adults in the U.S., Canada, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, South Korea, and Australia owned smartphones.  Even as smartphone adoption . . . Read More: Add Learning Value via Smartphones

Three Tips for Unified Learning Success

To create quality eLearning, unified learning must be the approach.  This system is an interactive set of tools for design, development, and delivery of professional development.  Throughout this year and in collaboration with iCohere, I have hosted Unified Learning Design Studio, a ten-part webinar series.  Now it is time to share success stories.  They help us . . . Read More: Three Tips for Unified Learning Success

Digital Bridges for Unified Learning

In today’s professional development world, robust online learning is a non-negotiable for associations.  There are multiple avenues for eLearning:  webinars, workshops, courses; MOOCs — massively open online courses, apps, discussion boards, communities of practice, blogs, social sites, and more.

The competition is stiff for member minds and hearts much less their eyeballs. Time reported . . . Read More: Digital Bridges for Unified Learning

Curriculum: Ties that Bind

Curriculum creates ties that bind:  learner to learning, P2P engagement, and members to organizations.  In association professional development, curriculum really is the heart of the matter, as expressed by my friend and former executive director of the Texas Association of School Business Officials, Gwendolyn Santiago.  She viewed curriculum as the heart of professional education. . . . Read More: Curriculum: Ties that Bind