education on demand

Education on Demand (EOD) provides a learner of any age with 24/7/365 learning opportunities. EOD is a triangulated model which allows the learner to choose education  from F2F, online, or television.

EOD incorporates e-learning and encourages the individual to drive the learning experience. Ideally, the learner enters and exits EOD as s/he needs or sees fit. However, in a more formal education setting, EOD provides the teacher and student with a variety of ways to address specific educational goals.

EOD can support instruction in educational, corporate and other formal settings. The complete EOD model works well within such a structured setting but equally well in less formal environments. The preferred EOD design is learner-driven and provides her/him with maximum flexibility regarding time, place and format for learning.

EOD applies cradle to grave. In fact, we know that learning throughout life is critical for mental, emotional, and physical health and wellness. In this digital information age of our flat world, individuals must continuously learn to compete and succeed on the local, state, national or global stages. EOD provides learning options that can be connected or work separately. Limitations of time, space, expertise, and resources spur the use of EOD to maximize learning for a lifetime.

For more information, download the What is EOD? PDF or feel free to watch “What is EOD?”, highlights of one delivery option for Education on Demand.