ADB Partners’ consulting services are tailored to match the goals of our clients.

We specialize in consulting for associations and education organizations.  With 30 years’ expertise in education and executive leadership, we help these groups update, refine and expand their education services through strategic design and development.  Our background in education, professional development, data-driven decision-making and accountability help us sustain and promote client mission and goals.

Our services are always active collaborations with our clients, including:

  • Analyzing current education programs:  face-to-face (f2f), online or other delivery systems
  • Designing and managing education projects, e.g., strategic planning, taking professional development programs and services to new levels, expansion of f2f into the digital realm, development of online services.
  • Creating, delivering and facilitating virtual learning such as webinars, online courses, learning communities
  • Aligning education programs for seamless access between f2f and the virtual
  • Developing and handling requests for proposals (RFPs):  education software and services
  • Researching pertinent education issues, preparing executive summaries and reports, and presenting findings
  • Additional consulting services available upon request