Unified Learning: Roles and Responsibilities

This post first appeared in the iCohere Academy

Our  fourth session of Unified Learning Design Studio covered the most important resource — people.  There are duties that must be filled by staff and there are duties best filled by external experts (contractors, vendors, consultants).   We explored various roles and responsibilities.  Tips were shared for . . . Read More: Unified Learning: Roles and Responsibilities

What is Unified Learning?

The rush for the perfect learning management system began originally with the concept of an integrated learning system.  In January 1994, Steven C. Mills discussed “integrated learning systems new technology for classrooms of the future” in the journal, TechTrends.  One key aspect of the original ILS model was the management component.  Today’s learning . . . Read More: What is Unified Learning?

Learning is for Everyone (LIFE)™

Learning is for Everyone (LIFE)™ has been my personal and professional motto throughout my career. For more than 35 years, I have been preparing and facilitating professional development. Whether as public school administrator, association executive, or consultant, I have found that professionals who are engaged in learning as an integral part of their careers, . . . Read More: Learning is for Everyone (LIFE)™

170 Million Learn

I have thought about the many facets of public television and radio even more than usual with the Congressional drive to cut its funding. Such a curious priority when the actual funds are minimal in the deficit scheme and the impact is positively gigantic in the learning scheme.

With the active support of . . . Read More: 170 Million Learn