Services Trump Membership

Whether games, apps, or memberships, current culture values the experience more than the delivery system.    Paid membership in an association is no longer required to experience interactions with like minds or explore common interests.  Think of the variety of LinkedIn groups or Twitter hashtags.    Several in the association community have been ringing the . . . Read More: Services Trump Membership

3 Reasons Why Millennials Look Like Future Association Members

Fast Company published one of the best articles I have ever read regarding the Millennial generation.  This piece by Josh Allan Dykstra is a succinct deconstruct about why Millennials don’t buy stuff and, on the other hand, what the buying experience really means to these young people born in the . . . Read More: 3 Reasons Why Millennials Look Like Future Association Members

Meeting in a Minor Key

Social Network by Strategic Public Relations

Earlier this year I attended an international conference and, although there were some digital dynamics, the plan for participant interaction during sessions was quite old-fashioned.  It was such a disconnect between ideas and actions.  It felt dissonant or like meeting in a minor key.

There was . . . Read More: Meeting in a Minor Key

Great Ideas 2011

Earlier this week I attended the ASAE Great Ideas 2011 Conference.  Once again I came away with pros & cons of the mainly f2f conference experience.  In this case, there definitely were more positive than negative results.


1. Fabulous setting with convenient access.  The Conference was held at The Broadmoor quite near . . . Read More: Great Ideas 2011