Three Challenges to Unified In-Person and eLearning

Strategic planning can seem so “back in the day” yet it is crucial for successful learning across in-person and online platforms.  Too often in-person education services are TWWADI (the way we’ve always done it):  annual conference, hot-topic workshops, etc. etc.  Yes, digital is an active feature of today’s f2f experiences:  Wi-Fi, hashtags, digital programs, . . . Read More: Three Challenges to Unified In-Person and eLearning

eLearning: Facilitation, Interaction, & Engagement

Association members and career professionals are users of eLearning and they also are terrific resources.   This year iCohere is hosting a free webinar that I present on “Next Generation eLearning.”  Participants have raised important related issues including:

How to overcome challenges of instruction across multi-platform formats, Engaging young professionals, Ways eLearning can go from . . . Read More: eLearning: Facilitation, Interaction, & Engagement

eLearning, Time, & Place

Participants in a recent iCohere webinar that I presented with host Lance Simon raised the issue synchronous vs asynchronous eLearning.  Sparked by their comments, I wrote a guest post for the iCohere blog Moving2Virtual.  The decisions related to time and place for learning — especially eLearning — really incorporate all of the above:  synchronous and asynchronous.  With an . . . Read More: eLearning, Time, & Place

eLearning: Next Generation Ready?


In preparing for a webinar hosted by iCohere: Next Generation eLearning, one concept by Bernard Luskin really caught my attention:

To many, the “e” means electronic, but I assert that the “e” means more than electronic when applied to e-learning. It actually means “exciting, empirical, empathetic, extra, emerging, energetic, exceptional, early, eloquent, everywhere, . . . Read More: eLearning: Next Generation Ready?