Three Tips for Better Association Videos

Association video should be produced to advance mission, vision, learning, or causes.  Assuming that you have identified which of these reasons calls for video, here are three tips for better results.


Plan ahead.  I see many associations, who for years have hosted the annual conference and exhibition, decide to “video” speakers and/or sessions.  . . . Read More: Three Tips for Better Association Videos

Quality Matters: Caveat Emptor

Virtual learning opportunities pop up everywhere.  From individuals to institutions, unlimited education is offered:  webinars, webcasts,  podcasts,  online courses, mobile apps, and more.  The experience may be a freemium – either no financial charge with contact information as the price of registration; or the education may be a benefit  of a membership or . . . Read More: Quality Matters: Caveat Emptor

Blended Learning or Blended Education?

Actually, the answer to the question is both:   Blended Learning AND Blended Education.  The former is the ultimate goal; for success in blended learning, blended education is required.   In general, the greater education world has coalesced around the notion of blended or hybrid learning.  Such learning can refer to various delivery systems, e.g., . . . Read More: Blended Learning or Blended Education?

Services Trump Membership

Whether games, apps, or memberships, current culture values the experience more than the delivery system.    Paid membership in an association is no longer required to experience interactions with like minds or explore common interests.  Think of the variety of LinkedIn groups or Twitter hashtags.    Several in the association community have been ringing the . . . Read More: Services Trump Membership