Three Tips for Unified Learning Success

To create quality eLearning, unified learning must be the approach.  This system is an interactive set of tools for design, development, and delivery of professional development.  Throughout this year and in collaboration with iCohere, I have hosted Unified Learning Design Studio, a ten-part webinar series.  Now it is time to share success stories.  They help us . . . Read More: Three Tips for Unified Learning Success

Three Benefits of Strategic Planning for Unified Learning

In a world of 24/7 information, data, and learning, organizations devoted to professional development often struggle to be heard.  Whether it’s, a subsidiary of LinkedIn;  a MOOC from an array of prestigious universities (note the aggregation services of Class Central); or a Curiosity smart meme or course, people have options.  These options may . . . Read More: Three Benefits of Strategic Planning for Unified Learning

What is Unified Learning?

The rush for the perfect learning management system began originally with the concept of an integrated learning system.  In January 1994, Steven C. Mills discussed “integrated learning systems new technology for classrooms of the future” in the journal, TechTrends.  One key aspect of the original ILS model was the management component.  Today’s learning . . . Read More: What is Unified Learning?

eLearning: Facilitation, Interaction, & Engagement

Association members and career professionals are users of eLearning and they also are terrific resources.   This year iCohere is hosting a free webinar that I present on “Next Generation eLearning.”  Participants have raised important related issues including:

How to overcome challenges of instruction across multi-platform formats, Engaging young professionals, Ways eLearning can go from . . . Read More: eLearning: Facilitation, Interaction, & Engagement