Three Challenges to Unified In-Person and eLearning

Strategic planning can seem so “back in the day” yet it is crucial for successful learning across in-person and online platforms.  Too often in-person education services are TWWADI (the way we’ve always done it):  annual conference, hot-topic workshops, etc. etc.  Yes, digital is an active feature of today’s f2f experiences:  Wi-Fi, hashtags, digital programs, . . . Read More: Three Challenges to Unified In-Person and eLearning

What is Unified Learning?

The rush for the perfect learning management system began originally with the concept of an integrated learning system.  In January 1994, Steven C. Mills discussed “integrated learning systems new technology for classrooms of the future” in the journal, TechTrends.  One key aspect of the original ILS model was the management component.  Today’s learning . . . Read More: What is Unified Learning?

Instructor as Content Curator

EOD:  Education on Demand™, when implemented appropriately, can expand and update training curriculum.  Since EOD is driven by learner goals and needs, the content must be continually reviewed and refreshed.   Learner demands will prompt specific content queries and, thus, responses.

Bob Mosher, in his thoughtful post, “The Diminishing Shelf Life of Learning, “ observed . . . Read More: Instructor as Content Curator

Quality Matters: Caveat Emptor

Virtual learning opportunities pop up everywhere.  From individuals to institutions, unlimited education is offered:  webinars, webcasts,  podcasts,  online courses, mobile apps, and more.  The experience may be a freemium – either no financial charge with contact information as the price of registration; or the education may be a benefit  of a membership or . . . Read More: Quality Matters: Caveat Emptor