Three Tips for Better Association Videos

Association video should be produced to advance mission, vision, learning, or causes.  Assuming that you have identified which of these reasons calls for video, here are three tips for better results.


Plan ahead.  I see many associations, who for years have hosted the annual conference and exhibition, decide to “video” speakers and/or sessions.  . . . Read More: Three Tips for Better Association Videos

Education on Demand (EOD) Optimizes Learning and Teaching

Education on Demand (EOD) offers both student and educator multiple options to optimize learning and teaching.  EOD, in its truest form, is a panoply of content, processes or experiences, and products.  This panoply plays out across f2f and digital platforms.  It is the variety of options tethered to a defined curriculum that launches a . . . Read More: Education on Demand (EOD) Optimizes Learning and Teaching

Avoid the Education Program Cliff

For success in EOD:  Education on Demand, which is an interactive blend of f2f and digital options, education blueprints are required.  The use of the term “blueprint” is deliberate.  Blueprints provide the overall and specific details of complex construction.  Building aligned education experiences where both f2f and online complement each other is complex construction . . . Read More: Avoid the Education Program Cliff

Quality Matters: Caveat Emptor

Virtual learning opportunities pop up everywhere.  From individuals to institutions, unlimited education is offered:  webinars, webcasts,  podcasts,  online courses, mobile apps, and more.  The experience may be a freemium – either no financial charge with contact information as the price of registration; or the education may be a benefit  of a membership or . . . Read More: Quality Matters: Caveat Emptor