Employment Mismatch Begins Before College

Does the mismatch between employer needs and college graduate skills begin in university or before?  In a recent Chronicle of Higher Education and APM Marketplace study, The Employment Mismatch,   employers reported a lack of applicants who could solve complex problems, communicate effectively, and analyze data, in general, individuals who could think.

Even with . . . Read More: Employment Mismatch Begins Before College

Education Nation

It is extremely impressive when a major broadcast network commits time, talent, resources to education.  NBC News, a division of NBC Universal, has made such a commitment.    I am a professional educator with more than 30 years in the field.   In my experience, superintendents are the most prominent educators in a community.  Principals have . . . Read More: Education Nation

Fix Schools or Grow Learners?

In the July 6, 2008, edition of PARADE Magazine, Fixing Our Schools, former Labor Secretary William Brock was interviewed regarding solutions to the school dilemma — mainly how to repair our schools.  The reporter began with the question “how can we fix American . . . Read More: Fix Schools or Grow Learners?