Three Tips for Unified Learning Success

To create quality eLearning, unified learning must be the approach.  This system is an interactive set of tools for design, development, and delivery of professional development.  Throughout this year and in collaboration with iCohere, I have hosted Unified Learning Design Studio, a ten-part webinar series.  Now it is time to share success stories.  They help us . . . Read More: Three Tips for Unified Learning Success

eLearning, Time, & Place

Participants in a recent iCohere webinar that I presented with host Lance Simon raised the issue synchronous vs asynchronous eLearning.  Sparked by their comments, I wrote a guest post for the iCohere blog Moving2Virtual.  The decisions related to time and place for learning — especially eLearning — really incorporate all of the above:  synchronous and asynchronous.  With an . . . Read More: eLearning, Time, & Place

eLearning: Next Generation Ready?


In preparing for a webinar hosted by iCohere: Next Generation eLearning, one concept by Bernard Luskin really caught my attention:

To many, the “e” means electronic, but I assert that the “e” means more than electronic when applied to e-learning. It actually means “exciting, empirical, empathetic, extra, emerging, energetic, exceptional, early, eloquent, everywhere, . . . Read More: eLearning: Next Generation Ready?

Three Lessons from Assocations

Three Lessons from Associations

Earlier this month, I spoke at the ASAE Annual Conference & Exhibition in Atlanta, Georgia, USA (ASAE13).  My topic was “Learning on the Run:  Professional Development in a Mobile World.”  I wrote two white papers on the topic:

Introduction to Professional Development in a Mobile World; and

Mobile Professional Development . . . Read More: Three Lessons from Associations