Three Tips for Unified Learning Success

To create quality eLearning, unified learning must be the approach.  This system is an interactive set of tools for design, development, and delivery of professional development.  Throughout this year and in collaboration with iCohere, I have hosted Unified Learning Design Studio, a ten-part webinar series.  Now it is time to share success stories.  They help us advance our unified learning initiatives and we learn tips and takeaways for success.  Here are my top three tips for unified learning success.

  1. Create or curate content that is standards-based, competency-driven, and regularly updated. Content really is queen — or king — if you prefer.  As I have mentioned previously, associations are swimming in professional content.  For unified learning success, it is imperative that the association create and curate curriculum-based learning.  Such instructional design is based on professional standards.  These standards emerge from required and expected career competencies.  Best practices as established through experience and expertise are used to regularly review and update the content.  Create and curate curriculum-based content.
  1. Commit to quality eLearning which means Unified Learning. Online, digital, virtual — learning via electronic means is here to stay.  That may sound quaint but for several years it appeared that learning organizations were in a state of “wait and see” if eLearning is real, substantive, and the new reality.  The answer is clear, eLearning is here to stay.  If for no other reason than we now have digital natives in the work place — they were born in the digital age and have grown up in a digital environment.  They expect eLearning and they have high expectations regarding quality.  A unified system of tools is required, much more than an LMS this system provides the education provider with design, development, delivery, storage, and more.  For quality eLearning, embrace unified learning.
  1. Focus on the learner. This is the most important tip for unified learning success.  Executive boards, legacy members, and generous supporters may pull your attention and threaten your priorities.  Do not let them.  The number one priority has to be the learner.  Association members and others aligned with the mission will seek to learn via the organization’s professional development programs if they match the needs and goals of learners.  Inform executives and volunteer leaders regarding target users and their needs.    For sustainable, valuable professional development, keep your focus clearly and firmly on learner goals, interests, and needs.  This focus will keep members coming back for more.

Join us on November 10 for our final live ULD Studio webinar.   And keep your tip list handy to create unified learning for your organization!