What is Mobile Professional Development?

Mobile has taken on a life of its own.   Untethered access to broadband via a handset or tablet has opened doors across all fields.  In the last year, two of the giants in search and social media, Google and Facebook, have made mobile a top priority in their operations.  The multi-screen approach spreads across our world:  retail, entertainment, information, and education.

In the worlds of work and career, education definitely includes professional development (PD).  Such training also is known as continuing education (CE).   Professional development often is a core service of associations.

Delivery of professional development has slowly expanded into various formats.  The mainstay experience of face-to-face (F2F) classes, meetings, and conferences remains intact.   Online courses have become a staple for most companies and organizations.  These formats have been tethered either by time and place (F2F) or wired access (online).  With mobile, the untethered world opens wide for learning.  Mobile is growing at all levels of education.

The focus on learners and learning sets the strongest foundation for performance success.  With such focus, mobile offers unprecedented opportunities to extend training.

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