Digital = Education Design Fundamental or Afterthought?

digital-centric world*

Companies that are growing their futures know and function with digital as the core operational structure.  In an extremely insightful post, Jez Frampton highlights five ways to build brands in the post-digital world.   As Global CEO of Interbrand, Frampton and his team recognize that digital drives everything as expressed by  Simon Smith, Interbrand European Director of Digital.   For some, connecting the dots to education may seem a bridge to far.  For me, these digital dots are clear as a bell, especially the suggestion to place digital at the center.

Indeed, digital drives our world and will do so for a long time to come.    Associations of most stripes provide education for professionals and industries.  Such  education has long been delivered via  f2f events, in particular, conferences.  These events offer  networking,  industry exhibitions, featured speakers, breakout sessions, association-generated product sales, and annual revenue.  Today all those experiences and more can be delivered on multiple connected platforms.  With the explosion of the Internet, digital tools, resources, and experiences, the annual conference can seem redundant and, in too many cases, not digitally  interactive.

When an organization sets digital as the core foundation for all functions and services —   meetings, conferences, education, communications, membership development — basically everything, the association changes dramatically.  Digital lenses guide design, development, and delivery.  This does not preclude f2f; in fact, services aligned across platforms actually strengthen all experiences (see  SXSW).

A digital-centric organization is especially active in outreach to and interaction with people:  members, non-members, and others with related interests.  This association plans learning opportunities with the learner first and foremost in mind.  Seeking multiple ways for the learner to receive, respond, engage, experience the education is a driving goal.  Such experiences occur before, during, and after the education “event” because the association embraces the 24/7/365 mindset:  learning anytime and anywhere.

How does your organization put digital at the education core?



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