Association Professional Development in the Palm of Your Hand

Associations are embarking on hybrid learning journeys. Many tools are in the mix: webinars; 140 character communications, e.g., Twitter; social networking sites, e.g., Facebook; communities of practice; digital libraries; virtual experiences that wrap around f2f events and more.

One way that associations can grow interactive professional development is through the use of  hand-held devices and related applications. Completing an entire course via smartphone could be  challenging. But what if the association provided regular tips and updates based on core content? For example, if leadership is core to the member mission, send weekly or bi-weekly tips on traits of effective leaders. Weave connections to upcoming leadership seminars into these social interactions. Ask seminar speakers to post ideas, questions, suggestions and tie them to the seminar hashtag. There are myriad ways that associations can encourage and promote professional development via hand-held devices and appropriate applications.

In the future,  associations may well develop their own apps — specifically tied to professional education. The ultimate goal is user (member) choice, access,interaction and engagement in hybrid learning opportunities.