No Green Washing in Toronto

During ASAECenter Annual 09, I chatted with John from Tourism Toronto and commented on how Toronto exemplifies social responsibility.   John responded, "there's no green washing in Toronto."  So true!

One clearly apparent example:   recycling.  In the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, there were multiple bin options in each meeting room and hallways.  The MTCC Green Initiatives permeate the operations:  waste diversion, green electricity, deep water cooling, food bank donations, and more. Even in my TorontoCambridge Suites & Hotel room there was a recycle bin (below) in addition to the traditional waste basket :

: Photo_082009_007  

Airports also tell interesting SR stories.  Of course the Toronto Pearson Airport addressed SR in multiple ways but what about Chicago O'Hare (below)? 


and Austin Texas Bergstrom International Airport (below right )?  SR is all around us or not.  What SR stories do your travels tell?