I just set up a new hashtag:  #mtgfuture.   Join the conversation about meetings of the future on Twitter.  Also follow me on Twitter amandabatson  and share your ideas on meetings.

 The Learning Lab that I am leading on August 16 at ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership Annual Conference Annual 09 focuses on implications and strategies for next generation meetings. 

I am delighted that Chris Bucchere, Founder & CEO, The Social Collective, will be part of the session!  Chris has designed a social engagement system that is event-centric.  He has agreed to an interview during the Learning Lab.  His model is digital, dynamic, and flexible promoting connections among participants before, during, and even after an event. 

The session is just after lunch this Sunday afternoon, August 16, 2009, Toronto  — nap time will need to wait.  We need you to engage in this heart of the association matter:  Meetings of the Future.