Meetings of the Future

ASAE & The Center  Annual Meeting & Expo 09  will be in Toronto, August 15- 18.  There is a robust array of programs on the Business of
Meetings programs in Toronto.  

Recently I reviewed an article by Meetings & Expositions Section Council Vice Chair, Danielle Foisy who is a member of the Canadian Tourism Commission International Staff.  An edited version of that review follows.

 I am presenting a Learning Lab focused on Meetings of the
Future.  Face-to-face (f2f) interactions remain a
foundational component for the association community.  Even so, a vibrant, cyclical model of f2f and
virtual experiences is becoming the meeting design du jour and mañana.   With pillars of the meetings industry
shifting as if in quicksand, I applaud professionals for addressing issues


During the Toronto
session, August 16, 1:30 pm, we will consider the impact of digital platforms,
economic stressors, social responsibility, and generational preferences on
meetings.  How are these seismic shifts
changing the face of conferences and events? 
What are the implications and perhaps more importantly, what strategies
can create sustainable meetings?  How do
we enhance f2f value, engage across platforms, and grow association


Many solutions still reside in best practices of meeting
professionals.   Detailed planning comes
to mind immediately.  However, we cannot
take the ostrich position and hope that when we lift our heads out of the sand,
meetings of the future will be like they’ve always been.  There will be a new normal in meetings.


Today’s experts can and should shape meetings of the
future.  See you in Toronto!

Photo courtesy City of Toronto