Four Benefits of Association Membership

Today's Tweet by  Beth Brooks CAE reminded me of the many benefits of association membership.  Here are four of my favorites:

  1. Networking with colleagues — whether in the virtual or f2f world, association colleagues share similar interests and commitments to a profession or industry group.   This network is vital in good times and perhaps even more so in bad or trying times.  Beth is so right — what a great way to connect for that next position!
  2. Professional Development — associations almost always have active education options:  conferences, seminars, webinars, publications, social media outlets, and more.  Remaining current in your field is absolutely essential with the constantly changing information and issues landscape. 
  3. Advocacy — associations speak on behalf of their members whether individual professionals or companies.  The beauty of association advocacy lies in the collective focus on the most critical issues.  Whether the electeds are in the state house or Congress, these officials want to hear from their constituents.  The power of a unified voice cannot be over-stated in advocacy.
  4. Information — associations get the word out — whatever that word may be.  In the last 10 years or so, the world wide web and all the amazing apps — beginning with e-mail — have given associations terrific tools to provide timely and important information.

Take a close look — association membership is a stong value proposition.  The beneifts grow exponentially if you are active in your association.  It's like any relationship — it takes give and take.  If you are an association member, thank you and remain active.  If not — join today!