SR & the Economy

Today is the Social Responsibility webinar that I volunteered to lead in fall 2008.  Little did we really know then about the true health (or frail state) of the global economy.

This webinar is one in a series sponsored by ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership .  I invited three other members of ASAE & The Center to participate on today's panel:  Arlene Pietranton,  American Speech-Language-Hearing Association; Brian Sansoni,  The Soap and Detergent Association; Guy Bigwood, MCI Group.  This team has donated many hours to preparation and what dynamic SR stories each has to tell.  More in future posts on this webinar.

For the moment, I wonder if companies like AIG had greater focus on corporate social responsibility would the United States and the world be faced with such economic upheaval?  With leaders and employees focused on sustainable service models, would the AIG team have created different  financial products?  I think so.

When corporations, associations, and governments work together for the greater good, nations and the world will be better places for all citizens.

I hope you will find time to expand your SR involvement.