Social Responsibility in Good Times and Bad

Corporate social responsibility (CSR ) has been the buzz for several years.  Beyond buzz CSR has promoted a culture of responsibility beyond company borders.  From the neighborhood next door to the one around the world, corporations large and small have embraced social responsibility.

Recently the association community through ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership adopted principles to guide non-profits in their social responsibility efforts.  Global Principles for Socially Responsible Association and Nonprofits were adopted by the ASAECenter Board of Directors in fall 2008.  All members of the worldwide association community are encouraged to adopt these principles. 

In economic times both good and bad, social responsibility must remain a priority.  Stefan Stern recently questioned the sustainability of CSR  in tough times (The Hot Air of CSR).  Yet Stern concludes as do most committed CSR practitioners and supporters, social responsibility is all about how you do business both inside and outside the for-profit and non-profit walls. 

Expanded CSR could go a long way in rebuilding confidence in economic systems and I don't mean the fluff concept of CSR.   CSR should guide every action and the bottomline can be improved even as renewed trust begins its crawl back up.