What’s In Your Child’s Backpack?



One Laptop Per Child ( OLPC) led by Nicholas Negroponte, currently on leave from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), was initiated with the clear understanding that 21st century tools in the hands of every child can transform the world.  In fact, the OLPC tag line is "give a laptop, change the world."  The laptop with just a minimal array of applications is the current spiral notebook and pen.  Those who have such tools have the basic materials for learning.  Indeed, every child and teacher must have access to computer tools. 

With connection to the Internet and preferably teacher and parent guidance, the computer is a robust learning arena — in many ways more intellectually stimulating than traditional classroom instruction.  Countries with burgeoning populations of children quickly recognize the
power of the laptop as an economical and efficient method for delivery
of education.

Even with questions of commercial viability, the government of India is proposing development and dissemination of a $20 laptop ($20 Laptops in India).  The hurdles are great but I will not be surprised when these machines are available and found in the backpack of every school and university student in India.  When will the United States take such visionary steps? 

*Petr Kratochvil Public Domain Pictures.net