Interactive Association Education

Interactive Association Education (IAE) is about how to create 21st century learning while maintaining focus on members and mission. Leaders recognize learning as glue keeping organizations alive, well, and growing. Interactive education is glue for today and tomorrow.

What is IAE?
Various parts and pieces operate under an IAE umbrella: online courses, webinars, chats, hybrid events (face-to-face with virtual components), collaboration cafes, blogs, e-learning, and more. Offering one or two of these options is just the beginning of IAE. The ultimate measure of success is an association offering aligned, seamless, multi-faceted interactive education experiences.

In times of tight budgets, pressured schedules, travel nightmares, shrinking staff, and growing expectations, there can be a tendency to batten down hatches, toss items – like expanded education, and hope for the best. This is exactly the wrong thing to do in this world where an association easily becomes an unaffordable luxury or simply a disconnected group. IAE is key to addressing these challenges. There are at least ten reasons to embrace IAE beginning with #10 build brand; leading to #2 extend knowledge, learning, information; and finally, number one. In between are rationale and benefits.

How to get started?
With a cyclical process applicable to various organizational functions: inventory, cease or adapt, map, engage – icame.

At TSAE Annual Conference 2008 (TSAE New Ideas 2008), we will define IAE; answer persistent questions (e.g., will IAE cannibalize annual conference?); explore the “icame” process; look at case studies; consider pros and cons; share practical, walk out the door, get started tips. And, of course, delve into all of the Top Ten Reasons for IAE.